All About Me

Long story very short: I started as a copywriter at an ad agency on Madison Avenue and worked my way West, ad agency to ad agency, until I wound up as VP Creative Director at Foote Cone Belding in San Francisco. After working there for five years, I went freelance. And here I am.

All About You

You need a landing page to go with your new email campaign. Or an email campaign to go with your new landing page. You need a single print ad, or several, or a whole bunch. You’re thinking about drive-time radio. Facebook ads. A series of well-crafted tweets. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what you need and how to get it done.

Not to worry. I’ve got your back.

I can be your copywriter, creative director, marketing consultant, and/or project manager, for just about any type of project in any medium: web, print, social, radio, TV, email, direct mail, collateral, billboards, and anything else I’ve neglected to include. If you need a marketing plan, creative strategy, or project budget, I can do those, too. For radio, I can also be your casting director, director, and depending on the spot, possibly even voice talent.

If you have an art director, web designer, or production manager, I’d be pleased to work with them. If you don’t, I can put together a team for you.

I charge by the hour, day, week, project, or on a contract basis — whichever you prefer. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I’ve had clients from all over the world, many of whom I’ve never met in person. If you’re in commuting distance and you’d like me to work out of your office, I’d be happy to oblige.

Cavalcade of Clients

I’ve had a lot of clients over the years. I’d like to show you some of them, but a plain list of companies is so 2022. Instead, I’ve put their logos in a never-ending scroll. Below, you’ll see a crawl of the various business categories these companies are in.

I’ve been told that staring at this screen for several hours produces an out-of-body experience that most people find quite pleasurable.


“Don Rosenfield is one of the best copywriters you’ll ever work with. He grapples with complex issues easily, has a real voice in his writing, is clever and creative and delivers when he promises. This is one skilled cookie.”
Michael Gould
Former Executive V.P.
and Chief Marketing Officer
McCann Worldgroup
San Francisco, CA

“Don really knows strategy, so his first draft is always right on target. He also has a great understanding of design. Every project Don’s worked on has done extremely well in the marketplace.”
Marilyn Spellman
Project Manager
Walnut Creek, CA

“Don is full of creative copy ideas, he’s quick with feedback and revisions, and he brings useful tips to the table that draw on his vast experience. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor! Can’t wait until our next project with him.”
Jesse Kelsey
Product Manager
Vinyl Interactive
San Francisco, CA

“Don has been my creative ‘secret weapon’ on many projects. He’s a quick study, is always on strategy, and he writes effectively to both B2B and B2C audiences. Don works very well in groups, collaborating as
effectively with senior executives as he does with other creative team members.”

Michael Albert
Director of Marketing
Cafe Classico Foods
Redondo Beach, CA


Don Rosenfield         415-339-9495          @DonRosenfield

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