FELIX Pointing Device

FELIX is a pointing device that defies categorization. It’s not a trackball, not a touchpad, not a joystick. And, of course, it’s not a mouse. Our challenge was to convince people to buy this unique, hard-to-describe product, sight unseen, from a tiny company in Wyoming that they had never heard of. We decided that the best way to overcome these obstacles would be to (1) offer delayed billing, and (2) make the product extremely easy to return.

We promoted the delayed billing offer by assuring recipients that “you don’t pay for FELIX unless you love it.” In addition, we included a postage-paid mailing label that people could use to return FELIX, at no cost to them. We called attention to the return label by putting a picture of it on the back of the OE.


We tested several prices across a variety of lists. We also tested a version that did not include the return label and a version that did not offer delayed billing. All versions featured the same premium.

The offer featuring a $69.95 price, return label, and delayed billing was the clear winner at $100 profit-per-thousand (PPM). All other versions resulted in losses. Overall, the versions featuring both the return label and delayed billing out-pulled by 56% the versions featuring neither the label nor delayed billing.

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